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Editorial Board


Associate Chief Editor

  • Department of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, Yale School of Public Health, Yale University, New Haven, USA.
    Research Interests: Hantaviruses, arenaviruses, rabies, rickettsia, bartonella, borrelia, leptospira
  • Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases, College of Veterinary Medicine, South China Agricultural University, China.
    Research Interests: Cryptosporidium, giardia, microsporidia, protozoa, parasites, zoonosis, molecular epidemiology, One Health

Senior Academic Consultant

  • Centre for Infectious Disease Control, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, Netherlands.
    Research Interests: Vector-borne diseases, ticks, One Health, public health

Editorial Board Members

  • School of Medicine, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil.
    Research Interests: Epidemiologia, bioestatística, entomologia
  • Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agricultural, Food & Environment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel.
    Research Interests: Vector-borne, zoonotic diseases
  • Medical Biometry and Epidemiology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany.
    Research Interests: Epidemiology, migrant research, social epidemiology, statistical methods in epidemiology
  • Programa de Pós-graduação em Saúde Coletiva, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil.
    Research Interests: Doenças tropicais, arboviroses, dengue, Zika, chikugnunya
  • Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia.
    Research Interests: Zoonoses, neglected tropical diseases, soil-transmitted helminths, hookworms, one health, disease control and prevention, molecular diagnoses, rrisk factor analyses
  • Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA.
    Research Interests: Infectious diseases, molecular and systems biology of host-vector-pathogen interactionsgene regulation, pathogenesis, functionInfectious diseases, molecular and systems biology of host-vector-pathogen interactionsgene regulation, pathogenesis, function
  • Delta Mosquito & Vector Control District, Visalia, California, USA.
    Research Interests: Vector surveillance and control, integrated vector management, arthropod repellents, mosquito and other vector-borne diseases, climate change and distribution of vectors, public health entomology
  • University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France.
    Research Interests: Molecular biology, microbiology, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, climate change, PCR, flow cytometry, cell culture, biotechnology, bioinformatics and computational biology, infection
  • Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
    Research Interests: Microbiology, antimicrobial resistance, foodborne pathogens
  • Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain.
    Research Interests: Zoonosis, preventive medicine, health policy, parasitology, emerging diseases
  • Institute of Microbiology and Hygiene, Charité – University Medicine, Berlin, Germany.
    Research Interests: Tropical diseases, zoonotic diseases, parasitic diseases, infectious disease epidemiology, infectious disease transmission, molecular diagnostics, drug resistance, immunology of infectious diseases, emerging infectious diseases, infectious disease control and prevention
  • Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences,Milan State University,Milan, Italy.
    Research Interests: Traditional Mediterranean diet, nutraceuticals, functional foods, phytotherapeutics and essential oils relevant for human and animal health and their preclinical (in vitro/in vivo) and in human pharmacological activities
  • Department of Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University, Louisiana, USA.
    Research Interests: Medical anthropology, RDS, HIV/AIDS, Zika, COVID-19 Medical anthropology, RDS, HIV/AIDS, Zika, COVID-19
  • Department of Public Health, Community Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan.
    Research Interests: Epidemiological methods, statistical methods, digital health, implementation research
  • Institute for Ecology, Evolution and Diversity, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
    Research Interests: Tropical diseases, marine ecology, climate change, biodiversity, conservation biology
  • School of Public Health, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China.
    Research Interests: Zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and food safety, one health
  • Global and Tropical Health Division, Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia.
    Research Interests: Malaria, infectious diseases, development and validation of novel tools and strategies to improve diagnosis and surveillance of infectious diseases
  • Public Health Department, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Program, Kilifi, Kenya.
    Research Interests: Biology and ecology of disease vectors, public health entomology, epidemiology of malaria and lymphatic filariasis, integrated vector management (IVM) approaches, vector control interventions including insecticide resistance
  • Depertment of Medical Entomology, Research Center for Health Sciences, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.
    Research Interests: Medical entomology, infectious diseases
  • Department of Clinical Medical, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil.
    Research Interests: Endocrinology, diabetes, lipodystrophy, obesity, lipids
  • Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA.
    Research Interests: Good health, well-being
  • Department of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Medicine, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
    Research Interests: Emerging antibiotic resistances, clinical microbiology
  • Department of Community Health, School of Medicine, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil.
    Research Interests: Social epidemiology, public health, tropical medicine, health inequalities, neglected tropical diseases, implementation research
  • Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria, Università degli Studi di Bari, Bari, Italy.
    Research Interests: Parasitology, veterinary entomology
  • Department of Population Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens, USA.
    Research Interests: Emerging and zoonotic viral diseases, host range and of pathogenesis and transmission of influenza viruses, development of alternative vaccines against influenza, development of influenza viruses as vaccine vectors, development of orthmyxo and paramyxo viruses as oncolytic agents, discovery of novel anti-viral strategies against orthomyxo and paramyxo viruses
  • Institute of Animal Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany.
    Research Interests: Epidemiology of vector-borne zoonotic diseases (viral, bacterial, protozoal) with emphasis on arboviruses and mosquitoes, ticks and tick-borne pathogens, and the ecology of ticks and their rodent hosts
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany.
    Research Interests: Schistosomiasis, clinical tropical medicine, sonography in tropical diseases
  • Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Pereira, Colombia.
    Research Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology, epidemiologic studies, microbiology, immunology, infection, HIV, geographic information system, public health
  • Instituto Nacional de Medicina Tropical, Administración Nacional de Laboratorios e Institutos de Salud (ANLIS), Ministerio de Salud de la Nación, Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.
    Research Interests: Ecoepidemiology, medical entomology
  • Melbourne Veterinary School, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    Research Interests: One Health, wildlife bioscecurity, wildlife epidemiology, veterinary biosciences
  • Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, To Yuen Building, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
    Research Interests: Mosquitoes, ticks, mites, vector-borne pathogens, diagnostics, vaccine development
  • Department of Microbiology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece.
    Research Interests: Antimicrobial stewardship, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, diagnostic methods, microbiology, virology, immunology
  • Department of Economics, Los Andes University, Cundinamarca, Colombia.
    Research Interests: Health economics, inequality, poverty, social mobility
  • Department of Animal Science, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA.
    Research Interests: Food-borne pathogens, pathogenic microorganisms, novel food-grade antimicrobials, food-borne microorganisms
  • Facultad de Medicina Clínica Alemana, Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile.
    Research Interests: Tropical medicine, vector-borne diseases, zoonoses, travel medicine, chilean rickettsia and zoonosis research group
  • Instituto de Medicina Social, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Research Interests: Epidemiology, infectious diseases, epidemiologic methods, neglected tropical diseases, leishmaniasis, zoonotic diseases, pandemic prevention and preparation
  • Ministry of Education Key Lab for Avian Preventive Medicine, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China.
    Research Interests: Poultry, Infectious Diseases, Signal Transduction
  • Hôpitaux Universitaires de Paris Seine Saint-Denis, Bondy, France.
    Research Interests: Antimicrobial resistance, infection control of carbapenemase producing enterobacterals, antimicrobial stewardship, Invasive fungal infections
  • National Institute of Parasitic Diseases at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention/Chinses Center for Tropical Diseases Research, World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Tropical Diseases, Shanghai, China.
    Research Interests: COVID-19 pandemic, parasitic disease prevention, ecology, population biology, epidemiology of tropical diseases
  • College of Veterinary Medicine, Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu, Shanxi Province, China.
    Research Interests: Integrates “multi-omics”, molecular and immunological approaches to study parasite biology and parasite-host interactions
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